Meet RelateIT


In short, RelateIT is one of Denmark’s biggest NAV/Business Central partners who delivers ambitious ERP- services to companies with both national and international development needs. We also deliver solutions for your IT infrastructure, which secure your future operation and meet the requirements of modern IT.

However, we are much more than that. Here at RelateIT, it’s all about personal relations. Good relations. Strong relations. To each other and to our customers and partners. To you.

To us, the most important thing is a healthy partnership, because we believe that’s what creates the very best IT solution. Therefore, we believe human relations create an excellent IT solution. Our experienced and ambitious employees use the latest technology  when advising you on the best solution for you. With great respect for your needs and by taking advantage of new opportunities, we consider ourselves as advisors instead of developers.

We all take responsibility, and our good energy and joy toward IT carry our culture and the way we work.

The key to our shared success is rooted in our close relations and partnership between you as a customer and your consultant. We adjust the amount of project management to each project, and by always considering the end result, we see ourselves as an atypical partner with a distinct pragmatic approach when solving your tasks.


At RelateIT, we focus on our customers. That would be you. That’s what we live for. We stay highly focused on delivering to our existing customers, and you will feel that as a customer at RelateIT. We do that out of respect for you and our professionalism. Due to this, we allow ourselves to question tasks that won’t add value to the project, and we might consider if others will have better resources for solving a specific task. In other words, we allow ourselves to keep focusing on what is best for you.

Let’s succeed together!

Our values

Our values are the guidelines we all work and live by – and they are the foundation of everything that we do, for you and our employees.


Our culture builds on mutual respect, which permeates everything we do. We have respect for each other, our partners, and the work we deliver.


Because we are ambitious about our work, we always strive to get even better at doing what we do. We never lean back and settle with what we have but keep searching for better methods to solve tasks – to both you and our advantage.


As a company and as people, we are curious about everything that happens around us. By continuously acquiring new knowledge of methods and solutions, it enables us to always offer the right solution for you and your specific needs.

Smile and joy

It must be fun going to work! We always stay serious and professional about our work, but at the same time, we believe it is important to make room for humor and laughter in our daily life, both with each other and with you as a customer and partner. We believe that smile and joy bring value into our work and, at the same time, make our employees happy while they are at work.