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Danske Advokater is the trade association of Danish law firms. They ensure political influence and a professional network for the Danish law firms and lawyers. With nearly 25,000 members and more than2 0 specialist committees demands on the internal systems that contain data are high.

Danske Advokater came from the older financial system, AX 2012, before they took the step and switched to Microsoft 365 Business Central. A necessary step as AX 2012 will no longer be supported. For Mads Rosenberg Thomsen, financial coordinator at Danske Advokater, it was also about the fact that the old system had become too troublesome to work in.

"We needed a standard solution that works. That's exactly what Business Central is for us – and as we grow, Business Central can grow with us.""

Mads Rosenberg Thomsen, finANCIAL COORDINATOR, Danske Advokater

- People were getting tired of the system because so much had been done about it. It was overdeveloped, and there was coded a lot in it, so it wasn't user-friendly anymore. There was a need of a start fresh. I have previously used Navision and heard very good things about Business Central, which is the the successor to Navision. There is no doubt that it is a popular system, and it's ingenious that it talks together with the entire Office 365 universe, which we, like many others, use every day, Mads from Danske Advokater says.


- Of course, we checked out other financial systems, but it was important that the system could fit our company size. If a system gets too big, it becomes confusing and we needed a standard solution that just worked. This is exactly what Business Central is for us – and as we grow, Business Central can grow with us.

For several years, Danske Advokater has collaborated with one of our colleagues in the industry, IT Relation, on handling their entire IT operations and support:

- We have an IT partner, which we are happy with, but unfortunately, they could not help us with a new financial system. However, they could recommend someone who could deliver – and it was RelateIT that got their recommendation. It just made sense for us to choose someone who has the respect of others in the industry and who could collaborate with IT Relation.

”sometimes it's all it takes”

After using Business Central for a few months, Mads Rosenberg Thomsen already notices a significant difference between workflow and work processes:

- A thing like reporting has become so easy – and the same goes for the entire process; everything has become so manageable. In our old system, we had to do a lot of manual tasks with the risk of more errors. Now we only check that the system is doing it correctly and that saves us a lot of time.

- I have also noticed that it has become much easier to teach new employees how to use the system – because it just makes sense and is user-friendly. Since the old system had so many adaptations and adjustments, it had of course become more troublesome to use and it took a long time for new ones to familiarize themselves with the processes. Now it's easy and smart, and it works – sometimes it just doesn't take more, says Mads.

"In our old system, we had to do a lot of manual tasks with the risk  of more errors. Now we can just check that the system is doing it correctly, and that saves us a lot of time."

Mads Rosenberg Thomsen, FINANCIAL COORDINATOR, Danske Advokater


- I have been pleased with the collaboration with RelateIT. After all, it is not a small project to implement a new financial system, so it is important to have a smooth cooperation and dialogue. When we went live, RelateIT was with us all the way and I was able to get in touch with the people I needed. I felt like they had their focus on us and it was really nice.

- We have always been in good taste and I'm glad that I could just reach out to RelateIT via Teams. I really like, that I didn't always have to send an email, but could quickly see if people were busy or "green" and had time to help. It's a great way to get hold of your supplier, because sometimes there are things that need to be fixed here and now, but it may not take much more than 10 minutes, Mads Rosenberg Thomsen, Finance Coordinator, Danish Law Firms, concludes.

Why  Danske Advokater Business Central chose  from RelateIT
  • Business Central is a flexible standard system that can grow with their business
  • Fewer manual tasks and easy reporting
  • Very user-friendly system

  • RelateIT was recommended by another partner.

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