If you want to be at the front of the international textile industry, it's all about being fast. To spot, to design, to produce and to distribute. It requires not only talent, but also razor-sharp IT that optimizes the entire process from the idea to the happy consumer.

Several of the world's major fashion groups therefore use Pebblestone, based on Microsoft's Navision, for the important management processes. RelateIT is very proud to be a distributor of Pebblestone in Denmark. And from the very first whistle, we have achieved cooperation with one of the country's very successful textile companies, Soyaconcept A/S.

"For us, Pebblestone as a product is the most optimal choice. But it is just as important for us to choose the right partner for the implementation. We believe that RelateIT is the right one in Denmark, says Mogens Olesen, CFO at Soyaconcept A/S,

"We know the people behind RelateIT and know that they are skilled in staff care and IT development, and furthermore they have a deep knowledge of the fashion industry."

Mogens olesen, CFO, Soyaconcept a/s

– One of the most important things for us is the skills and the ability to close a task. Therefore, it matters a lot whether the management of our partners is capable to retain their skilled key employees. Every time a consultancy changes employees, two things happen. On the one hand, the employee takes important knowledge with him, and on the other hand, we must spend – and pay – for even more time when a new employee starts up.


”The solution gives us several competitive advantages, especially that order placement becomes faster and more flexible, and thus requires fewer resources, and calculation management takes place dynamically."

Mogens olesen, CFO, Soyaconcept a/s

– We know the people behind RelateIT and know that they are skilled in staff care and development, and they have a good knowledge of the fashion industry. We want practitioners with business understanding, and we want stable people who are passionate about the task, says Mogens Olesen, who concretizes the collaboration within three main areas in particular. Calculation module that is highly flexible and dynamic – important in a time of large currency movements. Production management and follow-up. And third: Order placement.

– Soyaconcept is represented internationally, primarily in the European neighbouring markets, and has great success in Germany. With six main collections and four express collections, multi-country purchases, delivery to more than 3000 stores in 20 countries and essential functions outsourced, there is a lot to keep track of for the experts at RelateIT, who now help Soyaconcept.


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