Tommerup Heilskov

"Our digital future is in the cloud"

At Tommerup Heilskov, it was not a difficult decision when the ERP system had to be replaced. The solution was Business Central Cloud – and they have not regretted it.

Flexible, adaptable and service-minded. These are some of the basic values of Tommerup Heilskov. A company that moves in an industry that is probably foreign to most, but quite necessary.

They produce and deliver everything a undertaker needs. And with a production of 120,000 coffins annually in the Nordic region, they are absolutely the market leader. Every day at Tommerup Heilskov, they deal with an industry that in many ways does not know the needs of tomorrow. It places great demands on agile work processes. This includes an efficient and well-functioning IT-system.

"Going live with Business Central Cloud is undoubtedly the most important decision we've made regarding our digital future."

Ulrich Hein Boe Nielsen, CEO, tommerup heilskov

- We are in an industry where the tolerance is zero. Our task is simply to produce and deliver on time, because reliability of supply means everything in our industry. For many years, we have worked with an IT system that was heavy and inflexible. And when the Group allowed us to switch to a system of our choice, it was not a difficult choice, says Ulrich Hein Boe Nielsen, CEO of Tommerup Heilskov.

The company attended in several seminars and was prepared on the difference between a solution in the cloud or on-premises. The choice was a cloud-based Business Central and the desire for a Danish supplier was fulfilled with the choice of RelateIT as a partner.

"we need to be able to work from anywhere"

- The world is changing rapidly. I remember a world without IT and now not least corona has shown the importance of being able to work from anywhere and have access to everything, even if you are at home. It didn’t work with our previous system. With Business Central, it just runs. Furthermore, I know that there is well documented security in relation to GDPR and that our data is well taken care of, says Ulrich.

With Business Central Cloud as the foundation, Tommerup Heilskov is now ready to dive into more extensions for the benefit of the business.

- The process up to now has provided really great value. We had a series of workshops with RelateIT, where our aim were to get wiser on the system, but at the same time dive into the countless possibilities for customized extensions that the system holds. What we use now is 'need to have' because we went live fast. Now, in collaboration with Relate IT, we look forward to looking into all the surrounding products that can make our processes even more informative, manageable, transparent, and usable and in general adapt the system even more to our business.

At Tommerup Heilskov, they have experienced that the process of implementing Business Central had the positive benefit that the employees have engaged in getting to know the solution and have provided input to adaptations..

-Going the cloud route with Business Central is without a doubt the most important decision we have made in relation to our digital future. We can't start that journey from above, it has to be built from scratch. And Business Central forms the basis of our digital strategy, which will help us reach even further out into the world, Ulrich Hein Boe Nielsen concludes.