RelateIT Copenhagen is located centrally in Herlev. Here, RelateIT's employees have their daily life in brand new offices located in a large office community. They share facilities with a lot of other companies and have great opportunities for having seminars and events, since there is plenty of space in the large building.

Our new office is centrally located in one of Copenhagen's IT clusters, close to main roads, the motorway network, and public transport. No matter which kind of transport you choose, you can easily get to the RelateIT office. This makes it easy for our customers, employees, and partners to come by.

Whether you come by for work or not, we warmly welcome you inside. We always have a soft chair in our lounge area and a good cup of coffee ready.

Kristian Malvang Frellsen, senior consultant in Copenhagen, offers an insoght into the company culture:

The good thing about working at RelateIT is that it's a very flat organization. The managers are always easy to reach out to. That's really nice. There's a great atmosphere – we have our eyes on the ball, our focus on track – and I think that's very, very nice."

Fun fact about the copenhagen office

In the kitchen, which we share with the neighboring companies in the hallway, RelateITs logo has taken on a slightly different spread than expected. In fact, RelateIT's coffee mugs are very popular among the other companies in the house.

The mugs themselves are the perfect size for a cup of coffee, but an important detail makes them desirable. On the mugs, there are printed our four values with a small text about them – Respect, Ambitious, Curious, and Smile & Joy. Therefore, today's mugs are carefully selected according to mood and the program of the day.

our address

Lyskær 1, 3. sal
2730 Herlev


Do you want to know more about our office in Copenhagen? Please feel free to ask us!

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