"I'm really happy to be here at RelateIT. One of the reasons for this is our social work relations. We have a very small turnover of employees. This means that the employees we have, stay here for a really long time. This is partly the work culture is so great"

Fun fact about the Kolding office

In Kolding, you will find RelateIT's largest office, and here more than 40 of RelateIT's employees spend their weekdays. RelateIT Kolding is located in large bright rooms surrounded by glass facades with a clear view of the beautiful nature that is right outside the door. The office does not need decorations on the walls - the nature copes with that, when changing seasons, which is a huge painting in itself. You will find us in the IBC Innovationsfabrikkens building.The building has an inspiring environment, great facilities, and a wonderful atmosphere.

In Kolding, our annual summer party is held – and it is according to the "same procedure as last year"! Always the same grill master, same DJ, a varied cocktail bar, and free access to the dance floor. Yes, in general, everyone knows what to expect from the summer party – which of course, is pure coziness and a festive atmosphere!


The Kolding people are always ready for a table football tournament, darts tournament, or any other challenge  – as long as there are fun and fair play in the line, Kolding is happy to participate.

OUR address

Birkemosevej 1,
6000 Kolding


Do you want to know more about Kolding? Please feel free to ask us!

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