Dubai has evolved into the center of service-based IT industries. You will find our international office on the 34th floor in one of Dubai’s most exquisite skyscrapers, called the Silver Tower. From the office, our three RelateIT colleagues view a green oasis in the busy business area, Jumeriah Lake Towers. Our Dubai colleagues often send warm thoughts to Denmark, and colleagues in Denmark send envious thoughts to the Dubai team when the wind is blowing and the rain is pouring.

At RelateIT’s office in Dubai, there is a joint interest in learning new technologies and methods, which they have in common with colleagues in Denmark. We communicate a lot across all locations to ensure that we all share our experience and knowledge of the latest technology.

We all work together on solving tasks – and even though we mostly talk through a screen or a phone, we do all see each other a couple of times a year when the Dubai team visits Denmark – or colleagues from Denmark visit Dubai.

Aron Rohden, Regional Manager, on the internal relations at the Dubai office:

”None of us share the same nationality; we follow different sports and speak different languages – besides English, of course – and still, the sense of community among us is very strong.”



Fridays in Dubai are always more relaxing than other weekdays. The music is a bit louder, and the canteen is replaced with the many dining opportunities in the city – some people call it Reggae Friday.

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