Events and campaigns

Events that inspire you

When work life takes its usual course and the operation calls, it may be rare that you have time to immerse yourself in new opportunities. But if you want to develop your business, it is important to occasionally take a break from operations and take time to be inspired. All our events are in Danish, you can see them on the link below.
Inspiration and new knowledge for you
We give you the opportunity for lots of inspiration and new knowledge when we regularly hold different types of events. Some you can participate in from home from the screen and others allow you to network with like-minded people when we invite you to seminars, webinars, workshops and experience group meetings. Either way, we promise you that you will leave an event enriched with RelateIT.
Below you can see an overview of our upcoming events and sign up for the ones you find interesting.

Our Danish events

We like to have 2-3 events a month within the different branches of our business. If you would like to be updated on whether there is something for you on the program, you can sign up for our newsletter.