Complete IT solution for the fashion industry

At twoday RelateIT, we have many years of experience in implementing solid IT solutions for fashion, and we know the industry to our fingertips. We understand your challenges, and we also have the solution you need.

The solution is called FaVa and is the newest solution on the market that handles all your processes, from design to sales - and more.

We are happy to invite you in for a cup of coffee and a conversation about how we can help your company reach the goal of a fashion solution that suits your needs - and create more value and better development opportunities.

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From design to sale

We offer a modern solution that handles everything from the design phase to the sales phase. You get a customized solution that can handle everything from 
  • Variants
  • Design
  • Sale
  • Finance
  • Reporting
  • ... and much more! 

    Get an end-to-end solution customized to your industry

    Our solution, FaVa, is built as a best-of-breed solution that, for example, allows your designers to work in Delogue PLM  and your salespersons in Colect  – and you have the opportunity to integrate FaVa with the more than 1,000 existing add-on solutions available for Business Central, so you get a solution that suits your needs. At the same time, we make sure that you have control of your entire value chain with Microsoft Power BI, which gives you real-time insight into your company's key figures.

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    Birger Christensen about FaVa

    "It is completely in line with our visionary DNA that Birger Christensen is part of the first value chain-based solution for fashion. We believe that FaVa will be a game changer for the fashion industry, and therefore it is also essential that we influence the solution from the start."

    Micky Bach, COO, Birger Christensen


    FaVa is a modern IT solution for the fashion industry that handles everything from variants and design to sales and financial management. With the solution, we offer a wide range of the best systems for the fashion industry in one integrated solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can read more about FaVa on

    365 Business Central

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete solution for managing your entire business. The advange of Business Central is the many development oppertunities that allow you to customize an ERP system that fits your business perfectly.


    FaVa gives your designers the oppertunity to work in Delogue PLM, which is one of the market's most acknowledged most platforms for handling the development of designs – from concept to final product.


    If you operate in sales and retail, you have probably already heard of the unique Colect platform. The tool makes your worklife easier and more efficient and at the same time your brand is communicated through beautiful, visual and digital presentations of your collections.


    In Business Central, different locations can be set up so that purchases/sales/warehouses are differentiated at, for example, T1/T2 locations (EU/Bonded Warehouse).


    FaVa supports purchasing, both in assortments and in pieces. You can easily calculate and create purchase orders based on the sales that are registered in the system. Alternatively, your purchase orders can be created manually.


    With FaVa, you also have the opportunity to connect POS and cash register systems if your company has its own stores, showrooms or other retail. The store can therefore sell your specifically selected designs.


    Business Intelligence and its construction are often associated with heavy costs, time-consuming resources and complexity. It does not have to be that way. FaVa integrates all your solutions, so you get an accurate view of your expenses and earnings across the entire production. Find your PowerBI solution optimized for the Fashion industry here.

    Gain insight into your business

    Experience the same benefits with Business Intelligence as these customers



    With a hotline agreement at twoday RelateIT, you get help and guidance if you encounter challenges or problems with your FaVa solution. You get direct access to our specialists and consultants in this specific area. 

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