Press release: The annual report 2022 - RelateIT turns 10 years and focuses on scaling the business further  

The IT consultancy RelateIT, which in 2022 turned 10 years, continues to grow, and has in the past year focused on scaling the business so that the company can handle further growth.  

The overall result shows a gross profit of DKK 134.7 million (DKK 107.6 million in 2021), while profit before financial items amounts to DKK 13.2 million (DKK 13.2 million in 2021). RelateIT A/S is the largest company in RelateIT Group, which in addition to RelateIT A/S, consists of RelateIT DMCC and the software company XtensionIT.  

“Throughout the year, we have focused on building scale and creating a good foundation for the coming years. With that in mind, I am very pleased that in 2022 we both increased gross profit and created a stable result on the bottom line. We have increased our staff by 36 employees in 2022, which corresponds to 28% more employees across RelateIT – including some in back-office functions so that the organization is now ready for us to scale further in the coming years”, says Simon Berthelsen, Director & Managing Partner, about the result of the year.  

”RelateIT takes pride in being an ambitious company. We are ambitious both on our own behalf and on behalf of our customers, and we constantly make sure to be updated in relation to new technologies and solutions. In this connection, I am quite proud of this year’s result, which has been delivered with room for us to take several days out each year for internal upgrading of skills of our employees. It is an important part of our DNA that there is time and space to become better so that we can challenge and inspire our customers”, Simon Berthelsen continues. 

A modern workplace in constant development  

Simon Berthelsen explains that RelateIT has always been favored with skilled and loyal employees, where in particular, the company’s strong values contribute to retaining existing ones and recruiting new ones. This is also necessary in an industry that is always lacking new employees. New initiatives are constantly being developed to reach employees. At the beginning of 2023, RelateIT embarked on the establishment of a Talent Academy, which educates developers and consultants for the industry, but also the way to run a modern workplace is continuously under review.  

“We generally look curiously at the trends that affect how a workplace looks in Denmark in the 20s, so we are ready to develop our ways of working together. It is incredibly important to be an attractive workplace in relation to job satisfaction, career development, and work-life balance. The latest initiative on this front is that we introduced the hybrid workplace in 2022. In practice, this means that all our employees are set free in terms of geography and can work from where they wish. In addition, we have given everyone a full set-up for working from home, which has been very positively received. But we do not end it here. Among other things, we are also looking into other ways of constructing working days and are open to challenging the status quo”, Simon Berthelsen concludes.  

About RelateIT Group 

RelateIT was founded in 2021 and delivers ERP solutions based on Microsoft Business Central and NAV, as well as additional solutions such as Microsoft Power Platform, Web solutions, and IT infrastructure. Today, the group also consists of the software company XtensionIT, which primarily sells software through partners and Microsoft App Source, as well as a company in Dubai, RelateIT DMCC. In total, RelateIT employs 167 employees in five offices in Denmark and one in Dubai.  

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