Why you should replace your C5 with Business Central

Are you still working with C5 or AX? Then you should consider replacing your financial system with Business Central - and there are several reasons for this.

A long time ago - back in 2013 - Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics C5 was going to retire. Many chose to continue using C5 when the system was still being updated.  But unfortunately, everything has an end, and in 2019 Microsoft stopped updating the C5, and of course, this has major consequences for you who still use the system. 

Avoid security risks and integration issues by switching to business central

When C5 is no longer maintained and updated, you expose your business to major security risks. Unfortunately, the missing update of the C5 leaves possible serious security holes that can have damaging consequences for your business. In addition, sikkerdigital also recommends using systems that are up to date. You should therefore consider changing the system and version when the old one is no longer updated and supported by the supplier. 

Working with an outdated IT system is not only vulnerable, but it also means that you may face challenges with the integration between the C5 platform and other programs and operating systems because the technology is not new. This can affect your workflow because you can't do what you need to do, making it difficult and heavy to grow your business. 

We would like to give you a brief overview and 8 good reasons to replace your C5 with Business Central. 

8 good reasons to replace your c5 with business central

Sooner or later, you will have to replace your C5, and Business Central is an obvious replacement. It's not just an accounting system, but it's an all-in-one system that your business can benefit greatly from. In addition, with Business Central, you are guaranteed a reliable system. 


With business Central you get:

  1. A GDPR-compliant system, so you can easily and safely handle your personal data.
  2. Business Central is continuously updated and scalable. This is an advantage if you expand your business. In addition, you pay per user, which includes license and subscription.
  3. An opportunity to save money on your license by replacing your C5 with Business.
  4. Agile and industry-related add-on solutions - and at the same time, you avid custom-made adjustments with more standard solutions. But we can still customize solutions to your unique business if needed. 
  5. The opportunity to have multiple user types. You can get an administrative and a restricted user. The limited user type is cheaper, and it may therefore be a good idea if you have users who are responsible for maintaining the company's business data in Business Central.  
  6. Integrable statistics tools like Power BI can give you a completely new and more nuanced view of your business. 
  7. An opportunity to purchase extensions with additional functionalities. This shall not be coded as in C5. 
  8. Great flexibility - access Business Central anywhere, anytime. 

    You can probably see that now is the time to switch from C5 to Business Central.

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