Extension to Shipmondo

twoday RelateIT has developed an extension for Shipmondo that integrates your Dynamics 365 Business Central with Shipmondo's shipping portal. The solution eases the administrative work for your employees - both in the warehouse and when bookkeeping. With the possibility of integration between your webshop, your ERP system, and Shipmondo, you get a shipping solution that saves time and reduces costs when you create shipments.

Get rid of manual work

The smart thing about our extension to Shipmondo is that the shipment is automatically created in your Dynamics 365 Business Central based on the master data that exists on your customer. You simply access Shipmondo's shipping portal from your Dynamics 365 Business Central, in which you create the shipment. Once the shipping and labels are created, shipping information and labels are automatically available directly in your Dynamics 365 Business Central. The parcel's 'track and trace' number is then distributed to the parcel recipient, so your customer can easily follow their ordered items. The solution also makes it easy for you to follow the order from when you receive it until the item is delivered to the customer - so you can follow the entire shipping process from A-Z. 

With our extension to Shipmondo, you avoid the manual process of entering delivery addresses, etc, across multiple platforms, and at the same time, avoid the risk of typing errors - because order information is automatically imported into Shipmondo, e.g. retrieved from the information you have on the customer. If you add our web engine, the solution can also retrieve the information that the customer has entered on your webshop when ordering the item. One thing that makes it even easier for you when creating shipments is that our extension also makes it possible to create a large number of shipping labels for your shipments.

We often experience that many struggle a lot with printing parcel labels on a printer nearby, and with Shipmondo's web client, our solution can alleviate this challenge. You can print directly to a printer near you, and you can even add as many printers as you need. 

Is the solution right for your business?

The solution is aimed at a wide range of business types: from the small B2C webshop to the large company with complex requirements for shipments. The only prerequisite is that Shipmondo supports your desired forwarding agent - and there are many to choose from on their shipping portal. 

Of course, we also help with adjustments if your company has special needs. For example, if you operate with dangerous goods and therefore have an extended need for your shipping solution, we easily make an adjustment so that twoday RelateIT's extension to Shipmondo can embrace your business. 

Quick installation and easy setup

Our extension for Shipmondo is quick to install and set up. The only thing it requires of your prior to start up is that you create your company on Shipmondo's portal and have API information ready. If you want to leave this part to one of our skilled consultants, we are, of course, also happy to help you with that.

We are happy to tell you much more about the solution. We are ready for a chat and a cup of coffee if you want to know more. 

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