IT infrastructure

Why is it infrastructure important for your business? 

If you aren't in control over your IT infrastructure, it can result in poor IT security and unnecessarily complicated workflows. On the other hand, a solid IT infrastructure can ensure efficient workflows and high security – both when employees work in or away from the office. Therefore, it makes sense to optimize the company's IT infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

twoday RelateIT is a specialist in optimizing companies' IT infrastructure with Business Central as the focal point, and we are also happy to help you.



Security: Cybercrime is increasing, and the risk of being hit does not decrease regardless of whether your business is small or large. In addition to controlling phishing attempts and malware, comprehensive IT infrastructure management predicts security risks to avoid downtime. In addition, you also get a deep security for data management, restoration, and backup.

Compliance with laws and regulations: As a company, there are many laws and regulations that must be complied with, including, for example, GDPR and bookkeeping law. In addition, there are industry-specific or internal requirements for security standards such as ISOxxxxx, CIS, NIS2, etc. They contain guidelines to protect consumers and businesses against data leaks, and if you do not comply with the rules, you risk fines or legal proceedings. It is important that your IT infrastructure is secured in relation to this.

Productivity: A strong IT infrastructure supports your employees' workflows and makes sure you can work together efficiently. It is basically about servers, computers, phones, and other hardware, as well as all software being effectively tied together in a stable, fast, and secure network.


We help you with your entire IT infrastructure.


microsoft 365

Get help with your entire Microsoft 365 universe. We set up, monitor and help you to an efficient and secure solution. 

MICrosoft azure

Get help moving your company's infrastructure to the cloud.




twoday RelateIT are specialists in optimizing and securing IT infrastructure in companies. We are happy to come by you for a visit, where we get around you entire IT setup and give you suggestions for optimizing it. 

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A good and healthy it infrastructure 

IT infrastructure covers all the different technologies, products, disciplines, and challenges we have to deal with in order for us to access the tools that matter. Both for the company and for the employees. In other words, it is crucial that you have the right infrastructure in place. Because otherwise, you won't be able to use the tools you need.

For twoday RelateIT, the infrastructure simply means all the technology that provides the tools of the core business. And a good and healthy infrastructure must be as invisible as possible both for the user and on the budget.

Cloud-based it infrastructure services

We believe that the future of the company's IT lies in the cloud. And there are various reasons for this: 
We have helped several companies with the journey of moving from traditional  "On-Premise" infrastructure to "Software as a Service (SaaS)" driven IT and have experience in mapping, planning, and executing the transition.

And we take responsibility for what we deliver. For the future operation of your company's infrastructure. And for the security requirements of modern IT. And we do this by being serious about the plans we make together for your company's IT infrastructure. 


Do you need help? With a hotline agreement at twoday RelateIT, you get help and guidance if you encounter challenges or problems with your infrastructure solutions. 

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The good solution is created with the right specialists

At twoday RelateIT, the keywords for our collaboration are guidance and sparring. We are happy to come by for a non-binding talk about your thoughts and concerns about your current infrastructure and the development we see in the market. Want to know more?

The IT budget will be OPEX-optimized and more transparent. And a cloud solution allows cost-optimization by turning on uptime and performance that is adapted to the rhythm of the business.

The capacity at the providers of Cloud Computing is growing tremendously. It provides a robust and more accessible infrastructure. Integration with your existing infrastructure is possible on all platforms. This means that the investment in your current solution still provides value. When the regular workload from operations and debugging is outsourced to the cloud, many creative resources are released which can help your business benefit from the new tools in the SaaS products. 

IT security is taking up more and more space. The threats are very present and can paralyze the company's infrastructure if you do not design IT security within all aspects. On the other hand, it has become easier to design and implement infrastructure without having to compromise on accessibility and agility. Coupled with the analysis capacity available in the cloud, you can now achieve high security without an unmanageable investment and operation.

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