Managed Services

we take care of your it operations

In short terms, Managed Services is an outsourcing of the company's IT activities. It can often be a great advantage to outsource activities such as monitoring and operation of cloud subscriptions, servers, software, and IT security, so you have security in that it is specialists who handle your company's critical IT infrastructure. 



Managed service is a strategic choice

IT departments are hit by more data, more interfaces, and applications that need to talk to each other and even greater demands on security. Using managed services within one or more IT infrastructure areas is a strategic choice, where you choose what your IT department does on its own and where it makes sense to outsource tasks to specialists. 

You decide the degree off outsourcing 

twoday RelateIT manages the IT infrastructure in many companies, and you choose how much or how little you want to outsource when you enter into an agreement with us. On this page, you can read more about our various Managed Services. 

IT Service Management Desk

With IT Service Management, twoday RelateIT takes care of your IT operations. We create an IT service agrteement where you get maintenance, supoort, and monitoring of your solutions, so you are sure that they always perform optimally, and you can focus on your core areas.                                                                                                                                                  Read more about IT Service Management Desk here 

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management orchestrates roll-out of updates, apps, and settings across devices so important data isn't lost.                                                                                                                                                                     Read more about Endpoint Management here



In a time where we use more and more external platforms and our business-critical data on a greater extent depends on our systems operating as they should, and the integrations we have with other systems and platforms work, it is crucial to have a system that keeps an eye on everything are going as planned. We help you monitor the systems you want.

Infrastructure Operations

Do you want to be sure that your infrastructure works optimally, that the necessary backup is taken and that security breaches are detected? Then an agreement on Infrastructure Operations is just for you.                                                                                                                                                      With Infrastructure Operations, you get a monthly health check on your infrastructure. Contact twoday RelateIT if you want to hear more about how an agreement can be made for your company.

Microsoft Defender by RIT 

Defender by RIT is twoday RelateIT's concept for Endpoint Security and threat/vulnerability management, which is based on Microsoft Defender. We use the recommended baselines from Microsoft and adapt these to your needs, so you can always feel safe.                                                                                                                                                                                          Read more about Defender by RIT here

Security Operations

Security Operations is your assurance that your data is protected. Security Operations is based on the fact that the security breaches that come with both people, processes and technology are handled centrally and that routines are set up for how to handle risk.                                                                                                                                                                      Read more about Security Operations here



Monitoring your entire IT setup in the Cloud to detect threats that can lead to security breaches. 

fewer costs

Fixed monthly costs and advicing on how to reduce costs on your setup. 


 Dedicated operational resources that take the responsibility from basement to cloud and perform proactive actions that minimize the risk of breakdowns.  


 Monitoring of your platform's overall performance, which is adapted to peak and low load. 

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