Jet Global

Jet Global's tools integrate with your solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV, and they are easy to implement and get started with.


Jet Global provides a wide range of options for effective reporting, budgeting, and analysis. The tools in Jet Global work as an add-in for Excel, so if you're already working in Excel, you will benefit from the easy-to-use tools. Tools that can help increase productivity, reduce time wasted and strengthen the decision-making process.

Jet Global's product catalog includes several different tools that together give you the full Jet experience. Depending on what your needs are, we can help you find the right solution. You may need a fast and time-saving reporting tool. Or you may need a tool to strengthen the budgeting process and gather all your budgets in one place.

Below you can read about the three Jet solutions we offer. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us – and we will be happy to guide you to the best solution for you and your company.


Jet Reports

Jet Reports is an advanced and flexible reporting tool for small and medium-sized businesses that gives you all the business data you need. With Jet Reports, you experience fewer errors and save both time and money. You do not have to export or copy your data to other programs manually – it can all be found in Excel. Jet Reports creates a connection between your ERP system and Excel.

You do not have to manually export or copy your data to other programs – it can all be found in Excel. Jet Reports creates a connection between your ERP system and Excel.

With Jet Reports, you can dive into exactly the data that is interesting to you. We are happy to help you create customized reports according to your design criteria, formulas, and format. So, it is (almost) only the imagination that sets the limits when creating new reports.

If you connect the Jet Hub to your Jet Reports, you can quickly and easily access real-time reports via the internet or your mobile device. In this way, you can make important decisions more easily – no matter where you are.

At twoday RelateIT, there is no doubt: Jet Reports is one of the best reporting tools for static reports.


We are quite happy with Jet Reports at twoday RelateIT. That's why we and Insight Software are currently offering a free trial of Jet Reports for 60 days.

We have developed 14 unique designs for reports, each of which contributes relevant data to your business. You will find examples of these in our Jet our Jet Reports book. In that way, you can decide which two designs for your reports you want to try for free for 60 days.

You are completely free to choose the reports you want to try with your own data in finance, sales, purchasing or inventory. The reports are specially developed by us and integrate with your ERP system, so everything is gathered in one place.

Download our booklet to learn how to get started with your trial.