Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a part of the Power Platform and helps you create insights, integration, and automation in an interactive interface. In short, you can use Power Apps to optimize processes and improve productivity across your departments. It is entirely online, giving your employees access to relevant data – no matter where they are.

Power Apps help streamline the processes that were previously heavy and manual.

The platform has become popular for developing apps as you can easily connect and share data between the platform and other systems. The tool allows integration to multiple data sources, including your Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central, Office 365, Facebook, and reporting tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Now you might be thinking that it sounds difficult. In fact, it isn't, if you want to build a simple app. You don’t need to have experience coding or working in an IT department to digitize your workflows with Power Apps.

Perhaps that is precisely why the tool has become so popular.

Best of all, Power Apps is cheap and easy to get started with – and the tool even has a free trial. However, if you need a more complicated app, we usually see that many will need a helping hand.

We are experts in Microsoft Power Apps

At twoday RelateIT, we have great expertise in developing Power Apps. We see ourselves as your sparring partner who helps you to get a solution, that fits your needs. We are happy to help you customize the app to your company’s needs, and as the needs change, we adapt it together – so it is always optimized for your processes.

Our competent consultants provide useful knowledge and experience. Together, we make sure that your company achieves a functional and useful app for your specific needs – designed with Microsoft Power Apps.

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Power Apps is a part of the Microsoft Powerpack, where multiple products can work together or separately. That's a clear benefit to your new app.

Power Automate is one of the products you'll find in the Powerpack—helping you and your users automate work tasks. Power Automate connects easily to your Power App and has integration with more than 275 systems.

If your business needs integration to a system that Power Automate doesn't already have an integration for, we will help you connect so you can make the best use of all the data in your business. Integration to systems means that everything works together and that your data is at your fingertips. This provides value when developing automated processes in your company.

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Microsoft has created different types of Power Apps, each with its own advantages—so you can choose the structure that suits your purpose.

Canvas apps

Canvas Apps are typically used to make workflows more efficient and digitized for your employees in the field.

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Model-driven apps

Model-driven apps are great for automating processes across departments - especially for streamlining administrative tasks.

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Portals can be distributed outside your company and allow your customers and partners to access your platform.

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HSEQ Management App

With the HSEQ management app, you get suggestions for streamlining everyday life and processes in your company.

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There are many opportunities to innovate your business with Power Apps. If you would like to get started with Power Apps and need advice on which type suits your business process – feel free to contact us.

We have helped several of our clients getting started with projects that have been rolled out very quickly and have added value in their daily lives. We also use Power Apps ourselves for our internal processes and have advice on how to get the most out of a Power App.

Do you have a project that could be solved with a Power App? Would you like help to develop the app or just get started? Then feel free to call us. It is completely non-binding.

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Jesper Hansen
Product Manager