A career in RelateIT


As an employee at RelateIT, you will have more than 140 colleagues based in Copenhagen, Odense, Kolding, Skanderborg, Aalborg and always sunny Dubai. We are a very social company, and with our core values, Respect, Ambitious, Curiosity, and Smile & Joy, we take pride in developing our employees both professionally and personally.

You become a part of a workplace where the boss is not far from you - he is sitting right next to you. We believe in flat organizational structures, and we constantly strive to be flexible. Flexible in relation to the tools we use, flexible in our working hours, and flexible in our way of handling issues so that we can quickly adapt to new situations.

We put your professional development on the agenda through our monthly internal upskilling seminars, where everyone gets to dive into exciting tasks, share knowledge with each other and learn new things. At the same time, you have talented colleagues, who are always ready to lend a helping hand and idea-sharing when you need it.

Let's succeed together

At RelateIT, we care about a strong collaboration across locations, product areas and departments. We believe the best IT solutions are created through strong relations. Relations with your colleagues and with our customers.

We are ambitious and we are busy, but we can never be without our unity and good mood. It is important that you as an employee feel good about your colleagues. We are an informal workplace, and we regularly organize various social events such as Friday gaterings, canoe trips, summer parties, New Year’s reception etc. We believe, that being together outside working hours can ensure even better cooperation and unity in everyday life.

Our values

Respect – Our culture is built on mutual respect that permeates everything we do. We have respect for each other, for our partners and for the solutions we deliver.

Ambitious – Because we are ambitious about our work, we always strive to be better at what we do. We never sit back and settle for what we have but are always looking for an even better way to solve the tasks – for your benefit and ours.

Curious – We are always curious. By constantly acquiring new knowledge about methods and solutions, we ensure that we constantly offer the right solution for you and your specific needs.

Smile & Joy – It should be fun to be working! We are always serious and professional about our work, but at the same time, we believe that it is important that there is room for humor and laughter - with each other, with you as a customer and with our business partners. We believe that smile and joy bring value to our work and, at the same time, make our employees happy.

Listen to our employees

Fritz Friis Jensen, Director of Operations, Kolding

”The best thing about RelateIT is definitely the spirit we have! Our unity, the fact that we enjoy ourselves with each other – both during working hours and after. And then the professionalism! I have some very talented colleagues who are always ready with a helping hand, when needed.”

Anna Keleman, Developer, Aalborg

”At RelateIT, I work as a developer with a lot of different tasks. I appreciate the great collaborative culture, where there is room for all types of personalities. There are always several people working together on a project – it causes great dynamics. As a developer, I also need to immerse myself in a problem occasionally, which there is also room for. There are great opportunities to grow with the tasks and learn the latest technologies in the field, including on our internal qualification days. Each passing month I feel that I have developed either on a professional or personal level.”

Thomas Filt Jensen, Consultant, Skanderborg

”I think it is great to work as a consultant in RelateIT because I make a difference in many different types of companies. I have been allowed to work with everything from large multinational conglomerates and small family-run companies, but common to both is that you make everyday life easier for the people who operate the systems.”

Mads Koch, Consultant, København

"I think RelateIT is a great place to be because customers range widely in size and industry. So, there is numerous opportunities to challenge your skills and become wiser every day. The IT industry is always evolving and RelateIT does a lot to ensure that we always stay up to date with new technology e.g., through our internal upskilling. RelateIT is furthermore a very social company, which I really appreciate. Our annual New Year's Eve reception and many other annual events get us together even as we work across the country or abroad."