Mr. Hoff


Nearly any Danish city has one. A Mr. store with all the right brands. In Tønder, the store has the surname Hoff. The Mr. retail chain cooperates with twoday RelateIT. When Mr. Hoff in Tønder moved to a newly furnished store, they also got the chain's recommended IT solution from twoday RelateIT. The solution consists of a financial management solution as well as a store solution, with stock management, purchase, statistics, and much more.

“To us, it is important that the IT solution gives us an advantage, both in relation to our customers and in cooperation with our suppliers."

Frank Hoffmann, OWNER, Mr. HOFF

– Going from a regular checkout solution to a complete and modern IT system has, of course, been a great decision. But the more disciplined we become, the clearer the many opportunities become, says Frank Hoffmann.

– For us, it is important that our IT solution gives us advantages in relation to our customers and in cooperation with our suppliers. Things take time, but with a good dialogue with twoday RelateIT, we are getting better day by day. It can also be seen on our bottom line.

The retail chain’s CEO, Frank Skovgaard, emphasizes that it is important to choose flexible systems where the individual store takes advantage of the opportunities at the speed they are ready for. At the same time, twoday RelateIT's hotline provides help and support during the store's opening hours. Furthermore, they have the possibility of integrating the store’s surveillance system with online access from iPhones, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

The IT manager of the retail chain, Kenneth Brodersen, who provides the stores with advice and support in collaboration with twoday RelateIT, points out that the stores that acquire the new IT solution will save a lot of time, as the Mr. chain creates items numbers on a large part of the goods sold in the stores.

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