RelateIT as a workplace

As an employee in RelateIT, you will have more than 150 colleagues divided into Copenhagen, Odense, Kolding, Skanderborg, Aalborg and sunny Dubai. We are a social enterprise, and together with our core values, Respect, Ambitious, Curiosity, and Smile & Joy, we take pride in developing employees professionally and personally. 

Our work environment and culture are some of the most sacred we have. Our culture is created by the people you meet in RelateIT and our history. It develops, but the core remains because we care for what makes us unique. 

We remain down to earth

We want to be close to each other, to our customers, to our partners, and to our purposes. As an employee at RelateIT, you will experience transparent communication, openness, and a flat organizational structure because we experienced that it creates happy and motivated employees who are never afraid to contribute with ideas or new initiatives. 

We will continue to be one RelateIT 

Our community is spread across six offices, which is why we make an effort to collaborate across the offices. We have an ongoing dialogue with each other, and many of our employees work at different offices. When we gather for social events, you will experience a very special dynamic in the air with happy reunions and loud laughter. 

We keep creating the best versions 

At RelateIT, we never stop evolving. We want to create the best versions - both of our solutions and products, but also of ourselves and of each other. We believe that we find the best forces to handle a task in those who are passionate about what they do. Therefore, we listen to your needs and wishes if you are curious to learn new things or take a different path. 

room for diversity

In RelateIT there is room for you as you are. You don't have to fit into a box, and your unique perspective and thoughts are appreciated. The most important thing for us is that you are passionate about your profession, and you can see yourself in our four values, which guide everything we do. Below you can read what they mean to us. 

Our values

Respect – Our culture is built on mutual respect that permeates everything we do. We have respect for each other, for our partners, and for the work we deliver. 

Ambitious – Because we are ambitious about our work, we always strive to become even better at what we do. We never sit back and settle for what we have, but we are always looking for an even better way to solve the tasks - for both your and our benefit. 

Curious – As both a company and as people, we are curious about what is going on around us. By constantly acquiring new knowledge about methods and solutions, we ensure that we can always offer the right solution for you and your specific needs.

Smile & Joy– It should be fun to go to work! We are always serious and professional about our work, but at the same time, we believe that it is important that there is room in everyday work life for humor and laughing, both with each other and with you as a customer and partner. We believe that smiles and joy bring value to our work and, at the same time, make our employees happy when they are at work. 

Our employees are happy

Every 3 months, we take the pulse of our well-being, so we ensure a current and realistic picture of everyone's well-being. 

Our average eNPS score for 2022 was 65, which is considered as extremely good. 


Inside RelateIT


Hybrid workplace

We believe that flexibility and freedom increase our job satisfaction and general well-being while making us more efficient and innovative. That's why RelateIT is a hybrid workplace where you have the opportunity to customize where you do your work.


We take care of you

All employees in Denmark are covered by a health insurance and health package in Dania Pension. Then you do not have to worry about what will happen if you become sick or if you get involved in an accident. As a part of the health package, you and your family have access to a special agreement where you can get a quick medical clarification of any concerns you may have. It can be talking to a psychologist, contact to a dietician, getting medical help, or getting a second opinion via Best Doctors.


Room for your family

We strive to be a family-friendly workplace. Working at RelateIT must not compete with family life at home, and we see you as a whole person with everything included. Your children, if you have, and partners will also be invited to several annual social events. 


Find your way

In RelateIT, we never stop developing - this also applies to our employees. Through quarterly 1:1 conversations with your manager, you will learn more about the direction in which you are developing. Together you make sure that you reach the goals you have set - and that you are always on the right track. 

Simple but good

Employee benefits are hardly motivation enough to choose a workplace, but they still bring a little joy in everyday life - and our employees deserve that. 

You will, of course, receive a phone, laptop, and computer bag in connection with your employment. At home, we also want to help you, which is why we pay for your internet. 

In addition, all our offices have a good lunch arrangement as well as a selection of soft drinks, coffee, and snacks. There are different arrangements at the locations, but you can be sure that you will never go home hungry.

You also have the opportunity to participate in various sporting activities, with padel tennis being a favorite among many offices. If you have an idea for a staff event or sporting activity, we are very responsive to your ideas. 

As a hybrid workplace, we naturally pay for you to be able to set up a workstation at home with a desk, screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. 

If you wish to stop smoking, we will also be happy to pay for a smoking cessation course for you. 


We have fun!

Our community is unique, and we put effort into making sure that new as well as "old" are part of the community. We are quite an informal workplace, and we regularly arrange various social events - also with children and partners. We believe it helps to ensure even better cooperation and teamwork in our work life. 

We all meet three times a year, where we have a Christmas party, Summer party, and the traditional canoe trip. In addition, each location has its own traditions at Christmas times and Friday bars with different themes. 

You don't have to be in RelateIT long before you experience great mood and laughter. Our unity is important, and we do a lot to take care of it. 

On Fridays, the atmosphere is always extra good, and several offices start the day with breakfast - and finish the week with a drink before wishing each other a good weekend. 


What do our employees say?


Fritz Friis Jensen, Director of Operations, Kolding

"The best thing about RelateIT is definitely the spirit we have! Our teamwork, the fact that we have a lot of fun with each other - both at work and outside of work. And then the professional competence! I have some very talented colleagues who are always ready to help if you need it."

Anna Keleman, Developer, Aalborg

”At RelateIT, I work as a Developer with many different tasks. I appreciate the good collegial, collaborative culture, where there is room for all types of personalities. There are always several people working together on the project - it gives a good dynamic in our work life. As a Developer, I also need to immerse myself in a problem once in a while, which there is also room for. There is a good opportunity to grow with the tasks and learn the latest technologies in the field, e.g. on our Relate & Learn days. I feel with each passing month that I have developed either on a professional or personal level."

Thomas Filt Jensen, Senior Consultant, Dubai

”I think it's great to work as a consultant in RelateIT because I help make a difference in many different types of companies. I have worked with everything from large multinational conglomerates to tiny family-owned businesses, but common to both of them is that you make everyday life easier for the people who operate the systems."

Mads Koch, Senior Consultant, København

“I think RelateIT is a great place to be because customers range widely, both in size and industry. There is a good opportunity to challenge all your skills and, of course, become wiser every day. The industry is constantly evolving, and RelateIT does a lot to ensure that we have the resources and space to keep up with what is happening technically, e.g., through our Relate & Learn days. In addition to the professional, RelateIT is a very social company, which I really appreciate. Both our annual canoe trip and many other annual events strengthen the unity, even though we work across the country and even broad."

Your development will be prioritized!

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