What do our customers say about us?

Our customers are satisfied because we do not only look at their IT solutions – we take a view of their business processes. We believe that the key to our joint success can be found in the close relationship and cooperation between you as a customer and the individual consultant you are in contact with.   
Get to know more about what our customers say about the collaboration and the solutions we have developed together on this page.
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Søstrene Grene


Any customer experience must be extraordinary

Everyone knows Søstrene Grene. The unique concept of fun shopping experiences at very low prices has gone worldwide. Søstrene Grene has more than 240 stores all over the world, with one to several weekly product deliveries to almost all stores. It does not only require an efficient IT solution – but it also requires a very dynamic and reliable method of collaboration.

Søstrene Grene about their solution 


"IT has always been a big part of the strategy at Plantorama"

Learn how Plantorama creates the best customer experiences with the right digital solutions. With solutions from LS Retail, Plantorama has created better experiences for both customers and employees. With an integrated system, they have everything in the same suite.
Plantorama about their solution



Improved safety with HSEQ management app

The entire HSEQ process had to be concretized, and the quality level had to be raised. The wish was to make it as easy as possible for the individual employee to report observations - and with their new HSEQ management app, GSV can now easily measure the safety data and convert these into strategic decisions.

gsv about their solution


Clear processes and GDPR-compliant data storage

Danske Advokater

The solution that grows with the company


A complete and modern IT solution that saves a lot of time

Home & Garden AmbA

With a spade in hand and control of the systems

Home & Garden has chosen to go all in on a large  solution, and the CEO says that there has been a great need to automate processes to ease the administrative work. We can really feel how the solutions benefit us. Home & Garden AmbA is Denmark's largest voluntary chain of leading nurseries distributed throughout the country. Their members are used to having the spade in hand and serving customers in the present and best way - and they must continue to do so.
home & garden about their solution

Tommerup Heilskov


"Our digital future is in the cloud"

At Tommerup Heilskov, it was not a difficult decision when the ERP system had to be replaced. The solution was Business Central Cloud – and they have not regretted it.
Flexible, adaptable, and service-minded. These are some of the basic values at Tommerup Heilskov. A company that moves in an industry that is probably foreign to most but quite necessary.
Tommerup Heilskov about their solution

Løgismose Meyers

Løgismose Meyers


The taste of a great business

Everything must taste well and be exquisite compared to the market. On the inner lines, the company must be backed up by a hugely efficient business system.

For example, restaurant operations are very much about the IT solution supporting the employees' creativity and creative zest and not slowing it down.

Løgismose Meyers about their solution

Our Units


Flying with FaVa - perfect for the fashion industry

Today, Our Units have a brand new IT system and an industry-specific solution with FaVa, which provides enormous flexibility and thus a freedom that they have never experienced before. Our Units have, so to speak, become flying with FaVa as they have moved their systems into the Cloud, and can now see all their possibilities at slightly higher altitudes.
Our units about their solution

A selection of our 450 clients

At twoday RelateIT, we work with more than 450 customers. It’s important that the solutions we create in collaboration are designed to make our customers working processes better – and with a solid IT system in the back, make it possible to achieve an easier and more efficient everyday life for all users.