twoday RelateIT – a new name, but still the same

Colorful transformation with the leading IT consultancy

Earlier this year, we introduced our new owner, signaling our integration into the IT company, twoday. twoday is one of the largest IT companies in the Nordic region and a leading provider of IT consultancy services. At twoday, we are people who create solutions for people with a desire to make a difference through digital solutions. We take pride in being part of this, and we look forward to an exciting future with plenty of opportunities for you as a customer.

We have now reached a point where, like other companies within twoday, it is natural for us to add a little extra spice to our name, and thus, our name is now ‘twoday RelateIT’.

A new name also means a new logo and, most importantly, a whole new visual identity. In the future, you will encounter us with a more colorful identity than you have seen before. However, we are still the same people with the same fundamental values, striving to help you with your Microsoft Business Central and other IT solutions

What does it mean for you as a customer at twoday RelateIT?

It does not mean anything for you in your daily work life so that you can feel completely safe. You can still contact the same consultants as you are used to, seek help from them, and visit us at the locations you already know.

But as part of twoday, we can offer you an even wider range of IT solutions than before while maintaining our focus on Microsoft Business Central, which is our core business. In other words, as a customer of twoday RelateIT, you have even more digital solutions available because we are in a community with experts with knowledge ranging from data and AI to marketing and branding.

Do you have any questions for twoday RelateIT?

As always, we focus on maintaining a good and close relationship with you as a customer, and we continue to prioritize the development of our employees so that we are ready to create the best digital solutions for you today, tomorrow, and in the future. If you have any questions about the name change, you are more than welcome to reach out to us.