News from Continia 2023 R1

Microsoft releases two major Business Central releases a year, and here Continia follows. This means that you, as a customer, can access a lot of exciting and relevant features that can be of great importance in your work and everyday life - and that your solution is continuously improved and adapted. 

But it can be difficult to find your way around all the new options, so we have gathered the most important updates from Continia in this news, so you can get a quick overview. 

If you want to know more, you can visit Continia's product website, which we also link to in this news, or contact your primary consultant, who can help you review the news. We are here to make sure you get the best out of your Continia solution. 

Get in-app notifications from continia

With the new release, it is possible to receive notifications directly in Business Central from Continia regarding the status and new features. The notifications are not sent out to everyone in the company but only to the person responsible for the area. It provides relevant people with useful knowledge when it becomes relevant. 

new in Doc. Output 2023 R1 (8.0.1) – APP

  • Different backgrounds on the individual pages of a pdf. 
    For example, the front and the back may have a different layout than the pages in between.
  • Possibility of selecting report layout on a Doc.
    Output template line, i. e. on a template, it is possible to attach different layouts.
  • Reminders, bank statements, and rate notes.
    It is now possible to send the attachment of open records as a file and not separate documents. 
  • OAUTH2.2 authentication.
    The possibility that older versions of NAV can use OAUTH2.2 authentication instead of Basic authentication.
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New in Payment Management 2023 R1 (6.0) – APP

NOTE - no FOB version has been made. 

  • Payment Service Provider Module. The module makes it possible to load payment information from third-party suppliers such as Klarna, PayPal, etc. Continia welcomes requests for new formats so that they can be created. 
  • Automatic update of status in the payout journal.
  • Automatic loading of deposits and bank account reconciliations via task queue.
  • Bank account reconciliation. It is possible to import several bank statements at the same time, make rules so that there also can be searched in notifications, and tolerance can now also be increased on amounts and not just %. 
  • Integration between Payment Management and Expense Management. This means that it is possible to see, among other things, what expense has been paid via Payment management. 
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News in Expense Management 2023 R1 (11)

The following is new in Expense Management 2023 R1 (11)

  • Local file system storage. If you have On-Prem, you have the option to choose local file system storage without paying a Universal Code fee to Microsoft. 
  • Integrated purchase contract. Purchase contract is now integrated into Expense Management. Continia is hosting a webinar about this. 
  • Separate accounts for VAT. Possibility to set up separate accounts for VAT on mileage and subsistence allowances to have a better overview of the VAT. 
  • Assigning payment types to user groups. 
  • App warning on mobile. You get a notice that there are identical expenses, and you have the option to merge them. 
  • Viewing Document ID in Payment Management. The view comes in the fact box with notification texts. 
  • Description field expansion. Description field expands from 50 to 100 characters. 
  • Validation of number sequences and source code when creating EM to avoid errors.

news in Doc. Capture 2023 R1 (11)

NOTE - some news only applies to app versions of DC.

General updates 

  • The biggest news for Doc. Capture is that it is now possible to handle prepayments. Prepayments can be loaded and balanced with the prepayment made on the purchase order. Continia has not yet presented the product. 
  • With On-Prem, you have the option to choose local system storage without paying the Universal Code fee to Microsoft.
  • Document queues in the role center run in the background, so you no longer have to wait for Doc. Capture when the role center opens. 
  • New fact box design that lets you customize the view. 
  • Validation of purchase invoice and item prices in BC. 
  • New areas for the allowed difference between prices, incl. and excl. VAT, both on the setup of finance and currency. 

Documents and templates

  • Possible to merge non-consecutive pages. 
  • Automatic creation of fees. 
  • Possibility of bulk deletion of areas from a master template. 
  • Allocate amounts from purchase invoices on dimensions automatically, as well as dimension control upon registration. 
  • Possibility of automatic assignment of deferral codes. 
  • Control of prices in BC and prices on purchase invoices when line shifts.
  • Default display of embedded files.

Purchase orders 

  • Category of creating purchase orders. 
  • Approval of purchase orders in both BC and Continia approval portals. 
  • Expanded and improved opportunity to update purchase orders. 

Purchase contracts

  • Automatic control of contracts
  • Integration to EM.
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