Read more about the latest version of Business Central 

Spring has arrived, and that means Microsoft has released the latest version of Business Central, also called 2022 release wave 1. Twice a year, Microsoft releases a major update of Business Central, which is automatically rolled out to users on BC Cloud - a bit like when your smartphone needs to be updated. The two releases mean that Microsoft can constantly offer the latest version of Business Central, which must constantly meet new requirements and needs from companies.

With the new release, Microsoft focuses on making the user more productive by making more improvements directly in the app. In the new version, you will therefore find both easier navigation in menus, better reporting options with Excel layouts, and improved collaboration options in the Office 365 universe. In general, the wish from Microsoft is that Business Central should always be made more user-friendly so that the solution can continue to meet the needs and wishes of the users. With Business Central, you get a solution that is continuously maintained and follow you in your own development.

Get an overview of all new features

Microsoft has made an overview of all new features that you can find in version 20. You can dive into different categories and find the features and updates that affect you. You can find the overview right here.