Customized web-based solutions

Why are customized web-based solutions an advantage for your business?

Do you know the challenges of having data in different systems in your business  - and some more complex than others? They have to be updated and maintained manually, which requires time and resources. 

With a web interface on top of your Business Central and other systems, you can combine the best of both worlds so that your data talks together - and we are happy to customize a solution that suits your needs.

You can give your customers the opportunity to do much more themselves with, for example, customer portals, self-services, and much more - and you can get your webshop and your warehouse to speak exactly the same language. 

When we proceed, we work based on a method that ensures you feel secure throughout the entire process - and also afterwards.


Our method - feel safe


What do we want to achieve and for who?

Prototype & design

See before we code.


We do it together so we are always on the same page.


No testing - many problems

Delivery & Training

We prepare you, so you can help your users.

Operations, maintenance & further development

Somebody must do it - is it us, you or someone else?

Bridge the gap between your platforms

In the web world, new standards and ways of exchanging data are emerging and being defined all the time. Unfortunately, this means that there are many different providers and older products that do not yet follow the same standard.

At twoday RelateIT, we have extensive experience in building small components that can act as interpreters between the different systems and that unify the language. In this way, we build bridges between platforms that otherwise cannot be integrated. 

We also have experience in building and designing API's for existing systems. The API's makes it easier to integrate with other platforms, and they allow external developers to pull relevant data. 


Web application

A web application acts as an extended arm for your website, and you can even leverage your data from Business Central in user-friendly web applications. The possibilities are many, and you can have a web application customized based on your end user's wishes and needs.

By placing a web solution on top of your Business Central, the web application takes care of the work while Business Central becomes the hub for your data. You can access data via a browser on different devices such as iPad, phone, or PC, and you choose which data should be available in them based on your user's needs.

In this way, your company gets a customized solution where you give the end user exactly the features they want - and which makes sense for your business. 



Are you looking for a webshop solution that is easy to navigate and that works with your ERP solution? If you have Business Central, we highly recommend taking a closer look at Shopify - because there is nothing better than when data talks to each other and when your workflows become simple and straightforward. 
We are happy to help you get started with your webshop, and you can actually do a lot of the work yourself. Vi hjælper dig gerne i gang med din webshop, og du kan faktisk gøre rigtig meget af arbejdet selv.

Read more about Shopify and get started with your online store.


Get a mobile Sharepoint

Today, the world is mobile - more than ever before. Therefore, your company needs a hub where you can get the necessary information, access files, plan, and collaborate with each other. 

This is exactly what SharePoint can do, and the product has become a part of the regular Office license package. 

At twoday RelateIT, we specialize in creating a SharePoint experience that is just right for you. We use the latest technologies to create a SharePoint experience that is both modern and user-friendly. For example, you can get help with approval flows, which makes workflows easier and more flexible. 


E-commerce, CMS, PIM and marketing in one cloud-based solution

Create an omni-channel B2B, B2C, or D2C commerce experience using DynamicWeb. It is an enormously well-developed solution that gives you many options where things go hand in hand. You can change your front-end without affecting your back-end and vice versa – and your data can be integrated directly into your Business Central so that your business processes talk to each other. Get a value-creating webshop that opens up a sea of new opportunities in your business.


Regardless of the problem - we will find a solution

We solve everything from small to complex problems in web development - and we want to help you too!

If you don't need a large, complex and customized solution, then Microsoft Power Platform might be something for you. Here, you have the opportunity to test out some scenarios in a quick and cost-effective manner. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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