HSEQ Management App

Do you want to ensure that both management and employees in your company can translate HSEQ data into strategic decisions? We have made it easy. 

We have developed an HSEQ management app that creates a consistent structure for the ongoing collection of HSEQ data. Data that you can use to streamline your workflow in your business. The app is designed based on Microsoft Power Apps, which is a good tool for digital development and collection of data in companies. 

Prevent important information from being lost 

With our HSEQ management app, you get valuable data at your disposal, for example, about incidents in your company. Then you can make decisions that make the work of your employees easier and safer to do, based on valid data. The app helps systematize processes and create an overview - but best of all, you get suggestions for streamlining the application and systematic reporting. 

Digitized processes

It all takes place in an online, interactive interface, like apps you probably know from iOS or Android. This means that your employees have access to the app - no matter where they are. In this way, you avoid heavy ring binders, countless paper documents, and Excel sheets that never come into use. In other words, RelateIT's HSEQ management app is a useful tool for digitizing and optimizing processes. 

RelateIT sets up and designs your HSEQ management app

Let us set up and design your application to suit your specific business needs. We design the app for your company's visual expression and brand. At the same time, we have the expertise to ensure that there is integration between, for example, your Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central, Office 365, or the reporting tool Power BI and your company's HSEQ management app. In this way, you get the best suggestions for streamlining work life and processes in your company.

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How relateIt's hseq management app helps 

Imagine that you work as an employee in the field. You're out on a task but now need a mileage tracking document. You open your company's HSEQ management app, which gives you access to exactly the document you are missing. You have just arrived at the construction site where you will be doing the work today. You notice that a stop sign is missing in its place where there is usually one located. You now take out your phone, take a picture of the place, and with a few clicks, you send a picture and a description of your observation to the head office. With the help of our HSEQ management app, you have now helped to make your workplace safer for both you and your colleagues. 

Now imagine that you work at the head office of your company's quality assurance department. You will get a notification that a stop sign is missing at one of the company's construction sites. You, therefore, quickly order a stop sign and notify the employee you want to put up the sign.  Your workday goes on, and you now want to see which deviations and events have been detected.  You find the reported data and now look at the categories with the most deviations. You see that there is an area that can be streamlined - and you get an idea of how. Based on your new knowledge, you can make the workplace safer. You use the integrations to Microsoft Power Bi and set up a report with the data - which you need to present your new idea in a visual and clear way. Because the app is accessible and user-friendly, you also get far more reports from employees in the field, which means that you can gain greater insight into the workplace.

You get many opportunities and benefits with the app - in fact, many more than the example above describes. 

Below we have compiled a brief overview of how the application can help and make work easier for both employees and management in your company, as well as what features you will find in our HSEQ management app. 

For the employee

  • Simple and intuitive navigation of documents, reports, and instructions
  • Fast recording of data in the field
  • The employee is kept updated
  • Time-saving and fewer errors
  • Access anywhere via mobile, web, and tablet

For the management

  • Time-saving automation
  • Continuous overview
  • Easy updating and knowledge sharing of internal documents
  • Increased focus on optimization opportunities in the future 


  • Incident and accident reporting
  • Near reporting
  • Managing documents, manuals, and handbooks 
  • Ability to customize features according to your needs

Our HSEQ management app is user-friendly, so everyone in the company can easily access and use the app. It must be easy to register incidents, accidents, and deviations. Best of all, the solution meets all the requirements your company must meet when it comes to incident and accident reporting. Your data is collected in a structured format that makes data analysis and reporting a simple process.

Curious about what our hseq management app looks like? 

Below we have inserted pictures of our demo HSEQ management app, which shows how to easily navigate around and use the tool.

This is what the app looks like when you open it. It is easy to navigate, as you simply choose whether you want to register a deviation, accident, or incident. You can also easily access documents, manuals - directly from the front page.

Should we tell you more about the application?

At RelateIT, the keywords for our collaboration are advice and sparring. We are happy to come by for a non-commital chat and show the app that we have developed for HSEQ management. 

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Jesper Hansen
Product Manager, Power