IT Service Management Desk

We take care of your it operations

IT infrastructure and operations require attention and maintenance to stay healthy and easy to work with. We are used to the fact that services such as  internet, email og teams are always available - no matter where in the world we are and that time of day it is. However, it requires constant monitoring and operation.

twoday RelateIT has years of experience operating large enterprise environments across time zones and demanding connections. We know what it takes and how frustrating it is when something doesn't work.


Why choose IT Service Management

 With IT Service Management, twoday RelateIT takes care of your IT operations. We create an IT service agreement where you get maintenance, support and monitoring of your solutions, so you are sure that they always perform optimally and you can focus on your core areas.


Monitoring your entire IT setup in the Cloud to detect threats that can lead to security breaches.

fewer costs

Fixed monthly costs and advice on how to reduce costs on your setup.


Dedicated resources that take responsibility from basement to cloud and perform proactive actions that minimize the risk of breakdowns.


Monitoring and monitoring of your platform's overall performance, adapted to peak and low load.

Monitored operations

Første skridt i retningen af en moden og modstandsdygtig IT-infrastruktur er at skabe indsigt. Indsigt gør det nemlig muligt at være på forkant med både udvikling og krisesituationer.  The first step towards a mature and resilient IT infrastructure is to create insights. Insight makes it possible to be at the forefront of both development and crisis situations. 

We use Cloud products and open source technology for monitoring. And we can both advise you and implement solutions that provide insight and overview in a complex infrastructure.


Automation and streamlining pay off. We have learned this from the business model that has grown with the maturation of Cloud infrastructure. 

We can help you with the implementation of automation in both traditional IT infrastructure, where it provides greast value that the systems themselves can correct errors and update, and in specialized ERP infrastructure where it is much more about process optimization by removing the simple workflows from the employee in order to create more time for development or more complicated tasks. 

An IT service management solution for your specific needs

Every business is different and so are the needs of IT Service Management. You therefore have the oppertunity to choose the solution that suits your particular business. 



  • Best Practise Service concept
  • License consulting and administration
  • Service agreement
  • Dedicated consultant


Complete platform responsibility, Support & Monitoring, Service

  • Best Practise Service concept
  • License consulting and administration
  • Service agreement
  • Dedicated consulent
  • Managing MS Cloud subscriptions (and all other platforms)
  • Monitoring of solution and incident reporting
  • As a customer, you decide what to do
  • Hotline agreement
  • Monitoring performance and adjustments
  • Backup and restore
  • Complete maintenance and proactive remediation
  • PC and mobile management
  • Regular service meetings

Price of it service management service

An IT service agreement starts from DKK 2000 per unit per month with the possibility of various additional purchases. Contact us if you want a specific offer on a price for your company. 

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