Get ready for this year's Microsoft Business Central Fall release 2023

Autumn is approaching, the leaves are falling to the ground and it's time to swap our wardrobe for warmer clothes and prepare for the time ahead. This also means that Microsoft's Business Central Release wave 2 is on its way and here it is also a good idea to orient yourself in the "autumn wardrobe" so that you can go to autumn and your business in the best possible way. 
As you may already know, Microsoft releases two major releases per year. One in April and one in October. In addition, there are continuously small updates that constantly improve your Business Central solution. We would like to make you a little wiser about what you need to be aware of and what the release means for you.

Why you should prepare for this fall's Microsoft Business Central release

It is a good idea to keep yourself informed about what is happening at the two major annual releases, because there are improvements and important knowledge to be gained for you
Read more about how the upgrade of Business Central works. Pay attention if you have extensions (adjustments) to your Business Central. The release can affect your adjustments. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at our extensions agreement and reach out to us if you need help making sure that your customizations developed by us are compatible with the latest version of Business Central.

User-friendliness is once again in focus

Microsoft always has user-friendliness in focus, and with the new release you can become even more efficient in your work. Among other things, CoPilot has become more developed and can therefore give your company even more value. You can read much more in the details about the new features in the release here.

The new bookkeeping act and Business Central 

The new Bookkeeping Act places demands on your bookkeeping system, and there is a lot you need to keep track of but we are happy to help you with that. Fortunately, it is expected that Business Central Cloud will be approved as the standard system in the new Bookkeeping Act. The Danish Business Authority will publish this on January 1, 2024.  
In the release for October 2023, Microsoft has ensured that new functionality will be added that meets the requirements of the Danish Bookkeeping Act. If you need help finding and getting started using the new functionality, we can help.


To help you get an overview of the new release, you can sign up for our always well-attended Business Central release webinar in Danish, which this time takes place on October 13, 2023. Here you will learn much more about the last release of the year in an educational and manageable way and of course there is also room for you to ask questions to the IT expert who knows everything about Business Central.

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Want to know more about the new Bookkeeping Act?

If you would like to learn even more about the new Bookkeeping Act and feel completely ready for it to enter into force shortly in 2024, you also have the opportunity to sign up for the webinar on 25 October, where we dive into the Bookkeeping Act and get you ready to go!

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