IT security 

A secure it infrastructure 

IT infrastructure and operations require attention and maintenance to stay healthy and easy to work with. We are used to the fact that services such as  internet, email og teams are always available – no matter where in the world we are and what time of day it is. However, it requires constant monitoring and operation.

twoday RelateIT has years of experience operating large enterprise environments across time zones and demanding connections. We know what it takes and how frustrating it is when something doesn't work.


Why is IT security important?

Too Low security level

44% of Danish small and medium-sized companies have too low a level of security in relation to their risk profile and 24% of the same companies have not introduced basic security measures such as updating operating systems and back-up data. This is the result of the Danish Business Authority's analysis: Digital Security in Danish SMEs, 2022 of the digital security in Danish SME's in 2022. And this is despite the fact that Denmark is one of the most digitized countries in Europe.

it is a risk when it security isn't seen as pivotal

It is a big challenge that many companies don't see IT security as a pivotal part of the company, as mentioned in the report from the Danish Business Authority Digital security in practice. This is what makes them vulnerable to hacker attacks, data leaks, and other security breaches.

If your company has not already decided on how to secure your business, read more on these pages or contact twoday RelateIT. We handle IT security for both large and small companies and customize the operating agreement that suits your company's needs.

3 tips to secure your IT infrastructure


Get an overview of important data and systems

 Develop guidelines and train your employees continuously in it security

 Continuously prepare an it risk assesment 


You security is the centre of attention with Microsoft Defender by RIT

Defender by RIT is twoday RelateIT's concept for Endpoint Security and threat/vulnerability management, which is based on Microsoft Defender. We use the recommended baselines from Microsoft and adapt these to your needs, so you can always feel safe.
Read more about Microsoft Defender by RIT here. 

Security Operations - the heart of the secure business

Understanding the complex pathways that formthe basis for cybercrime requires constant vigilance and, not least, intelligent software. What do you get out of a collaboration with twoday RelateIT at Security Operations? You get an assurance that your data is protected. We help you with the following challenges:                                                               
  • How secure is our cloud environment?
  • Can we secure more?
  • Are we adequately protected against vulnerabilities and threats?
  • How do we assess our security?
  • What about compliance?
Read more about Security Operations here.

Choose IT Service Management from twoday RelateIT

En sikker IT-infrastruktur A secure it infrastructure 

With IT Service Management, twoday RelateIT takes care of your IT operations. We create an IT service agreement where you get maintenance, support and monitoring of your solutions, so you are sure that they always perform optimally and you can focus on your core areas. 


Monitoring your entire IT setup in the Cloud to detect threats that can lead to security breaches. 

Fewer costs

Fixed monthly costs and advice on how to reduce costs on your setup. 


 Dedicated operational resources that take responsibility from basement to cloud and peform proactive actions that minimize the risk of breakdowns. 


Monitoring of your platform's overall performance, which is adapted to peak and low load. 

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